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Litigation Support
Editorial Transcription Litigation Support


Our Litigation Support Services are designed to assist lawyers, medical, psychological and psychiatric experts to track, organize and maintain their documents. These services are of particular benefit to the small or sole practitioner, whose staff does not have the facilities, the expertise and/or time to provide these services.

Key Benefits

  • Access documents quickly
  • Portability of documents
  • Maintain document integrity
  • Searchable text


DataPerfect has the experience, expertise and technology to scan, ocr and burn cd-roms.

Scan documents to create a digital image of each page of each document.  Images are then stored on a computer hard disk or cd-rom. The paper originals can then be safely and securely stored.
Digital images can then be displayed on a computer monitor or  multimedia projector, printed or copied as needed, e-mailed, faxed, etc.
Selected portions can be highlighted and notations can be added.
Images stored on a cd-rom or notebook computer are much more portable than the boxes of documents they replace.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
OCR converts the digital image of the scanned document into a new text version of the image file that can be saved in a number of different formats. This text can be quickly searched for keywords, names, etc. In addition, selected portions that need to be quoted can be copied and pasted into the new letter or report, as required.
CD-ROM Authoring
Output scanned and ocr'd documents onto cd-roms.


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